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Winter One-derland: Smash & Splash

Something extra special about being a photographer is the amazing connection I make with many families. I have this awesome side gig that allows me to be a part of special milestones where I get to watch families grow and witness little babies transform into these independent, precious little humans. For example, check out Julia’s glow up…

I met the D family almost 3 years ago which is crazy. Since then I’ve photographed births, holidays, and now a cakesmash! They, easily, may be one of the sweetest couples I know with the most beautiful little babies. Fun fact! Our sons share the same name!!

When mom reached out about Julia’s pictures she knew she wanted a Winter ONE-derland and I squealed with delight. I did the same theme for my Livvy’s first cake smash. I immediately started planning. I secured this beautiful pink and snowy backdrop from one of my photography groups and we got to work. I had tons of holiday decorations that I pulled out and even had a blanket of snow that I used for holiday pictures 2 years ago.

I sent mom a host of outfit ideas that I thought would go well with the backdrop. Mom actually purchased several for the shoot which made getting ready that much more fun, it was like a little baby fashion show. Once we decided on the outfit, we put Julia on the curated backdrop and this magic happened….

But wait, there’s more! Mom and dad also wanted a cake splash!! UGH, my excitement!!

A smash & splash is just my absolute favorite. We fill a tub with warm water, add a few organic bubbles and baby gets to splash around. And for parents, this is great because it starts the clean up process after all of the cake eating. Julia was a funny mix of apprehension & smiles which had us really laughing; but she hammed it up and gave us some amazing and memorable shots!

Julia, happy Winter ONE-derland!

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