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Brotherly Love

Meet the sweetest little brotherly pairing–Matthew and Justin.

Ok, before I get all mushy about how much I love these two...let me tell you something... you can wait for an actual milestone to capture images of your littles ones, but you could also just book a session with no real reason other than you want to freeze time for a bit.

Isn’t that reason enough! I mean, look at these two!

Ok, back to Justin and Matthew. I’ve been taking photos of this family (and their extended family) for a few years now. Let me tell you a little something about Matthew and Justin…they make me work! Haha, in all the best ways.

Matthew is usually on the run and Justin loves to give me all the interesting faces.

This is why I love capturing them.

Their personalities are soo huge! They make me laugh, sweat, and laugh some more.

What’s sweet about these images is how I am able to get each child alone for a few images. Here we can focus in on each child and who he is at this very moment.

::cue in swoon::

And then I get them together! And here’s where the magic happens…brothers being brothers!

Imagine these images decorating your living room wall!

Interested in booking a session for your children. Feel free to email me for more details!

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