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Birthday Twins

Fun fact: My kids share a birthday.

They were born 3 years apart to the day.

The best part of this: they absolutely love it!

I’ve been trying to consistently take birthday portraits of them over the last few years. They get to pick their outfits and then we usually set up a time a few days before their actual birthday to take the pictures.

In the past Leo has brought along a few toys to take photos with–this year, as a big boy, he opted for just a hooded sweatshirt. The boy lives in hooded sweatshirts. And I mean, he makes them look sooo darn cute!

Now, to be fully honest, while Leo chose a hooded sweatshirt, I did select his other more “formal” gear. I had this vision of a leather jacket of sorts and found this one at Zara. It wasn’t his size, a little big, but it totally met my expectations.

I mean....just look at this...

Liv, on the other hand, is a bit more high maintenance. She opted for a wardrobe change.

We started with my all time favorite website, JOYFOLIE, to choose a dress. I was quite surprised with her selection, she usually wants big and poofy, this year she went for an almost Grecian elegance.

Clearly the girl loves the camera. She hit all her “princess faces” and gave me these…

Next, she changed and we went for more fun poses that really capture her free spirit.

When I thought I was done something special happened. Leo likes to travel in his jammies, so towards the end of the shoot, we changed him back into his pajamas and it hit me! What if I put him on the bed and did a pajama session. It would be perfect because if he could stay in his jammies 24/7 he would!

So I told him to get on the new bed we have in the studio and have some fun.

Livvy joined in, too.

Now, I’m thinking–how fun would a pajama session with kids and maybe even their best friends be?!! I think that’s going to a mini session this year for sure!

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