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Two Presleys One Weekend

I’ve never had this happen. One day I shot a cake smash for a newly one year old named Presley, AND THEN the very next day I shot a newborn session with a baby Presley! Is this a top 10 name for 2022?!?! I loved it!

Presley’s mom and dad are a beautiful little family that I got to meet through amazing lifelong friends of mine. I photographed a great grandchildren portrait session for them about 2 years ago and now recently got to photograph great grandchild number 5.

In speaking to mom and dad they wanted neutral colors ranging in the blush pink and cream world (which is right up my alley!).

I had recently purchased a new baby prop that I was eager to use. It’s a small hanging pod bed. I outfitted it with some green garland and kept the stuffing neutral color. It was so elegant and chic.

I also pulled out my favorite posing bed and some eucalyptus branches. We were able to get in about 4 setups and of course a few sibling pictures with the new big sister.

What I love about these simple sessions is that the props don’t overwhelm the story. The focus is on the baby. Listen, I love a great elaborate set up that is super personal to a family; but I also love simple and neutral. It feels very timeless to me.

So here she is, welcome baby Presley! The newest little sister to this loving family!

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