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Sprinkles for Presley

Each baby that I get to meet, comes with the most unique, and always large personality. Some are full of giggles, others are uber feisty, while some are quite untrusting haha.

But every once in a while, a calm tempered baby comes in who is so chill, I actually grow envious of their go with the flow personality.

This was baby girl Presley.

Mom learned about Liv & Luna from the Hoboken moms FaceBook page. (I love my moms out there sharing recommendations!) She and I chatted via text and talked through the set up; which was completely based on her dress.

When I saw this dress I literally gasped with delight. It was so simple and so perfect and made me soooo excited for this shoot.

Hello sprinkles!!!!

So the day of the cake smash comes along and mom (an amazing mompreneur herself in the fitness world) and dad come in with a smiling Presley.


I couldn’t believe how happy this baby girl was!! She giggled, made great eye contact, and smashed her cake so delicately! It was hysterical.

I’ve never seen a baby attack their cake with such precision and strategy. In fact, it was also the quickest clean up ever!

Here’s a look at her session gallery:

Happy birthday Presley girl! May you keep on shining bright!

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