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End with a Splash

January of 2021 I welcomed baby Kendally into the studio. She was the most beautiful little bundle of joy and she came ready to work. She slept through the session and posed for some beautifully natural and soft shots.

I had the privilege to welcome her back last month & end the year with her birthday cake smash. Mom wanted something festive to commemorate the New Year feel without it feeling too New Year’s Eve-like. We opted for a gold and multi colored glitter curtain and a ground laying balloon garland. We wanted the focus to really be on Kendally (which is an aesthetic I love!)

Mom purchased two gorgeous outfits for baby girl and a naked cake; then we got to work! Kendally came ready to rock her session yet again!

She smiled and gave me such great eye contact. We played all types of music for her and even Big Brother got into the action to help her laugh and dance. She did such a great job and was so efficient with the shooting time that I just HAD TO ask mom and dad if we could throw in a SPLASH session.

I quickly got out my baby tub and filled it with warm water and bath bubbles and the result was timeless!

I love splash sessions! They add such a great variety to the photo gallery and help with the baby clean up process at the same time.

Here’s a glimpse of newly O-N-E Kendally!

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