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When friends become family

This family is very special to us. They have basically become family. Tommy and I went to high school together. He's always been such a genuinely, good hearted person. I was lucky to meet someone (my husband) who remained good friends with Tommy after high school; which in turn allowed us to reconnect. He then went ahead and married one of the sweetest women I know, Crystal. Tommy and Crystal's eldest son, Dylan, and my daughter Liv have an amazing bond. Their middle daughter (Cha Cha) and my youngest son (LeeLo) have a secret crush on one another. It's really too much to hand LoL! Here's to hoping one of these sets gets married!!

Now they've blessed the world with a third little one--Jameson Balvin. What a peanut! He was so squishy and so perfect for this session. I love the minimalist avenue we took with these images. The colors remain natural and earthy which really put the focus on him.

Introducing Balvin Family of Five!

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