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What’s new in 2023: Studio, online payments, contract–January 15

Happy Happy New Year!

Well, here we are, out with the old and in with the new they say.

When I think back to where Liv & Luna started 8 years ago, it’s crazy to believe that some of the new things coming in 2023 are even a reality.

8 years ago, I had an entry level camera, I had 2 paper backdrops, I went to people’s houses for sessions and even dabbled in event photography. I floundered figuring out my style, learning Photoshop, attending sessions and watching webinar after webinar.

I used to put Olivia to sleep and then lock myself in our small office and watch editing videos. The goal was to learn one new skill each night. I would do this each night and practice, practice, practice.

Now, 8 years later, I have opened up a small studio space and have worked with so many wonderful families doing exactly what I wanted to do, capture timeless moments that will transcend time.

I’ve upgraded my equipment, sought out in person workshops to work with professionals such as Meg Bitton and Ana Brandt, offer different packages, and even now have a prop room!

This blog is a quick snapshot of all the new and upgraded things coming in 2023:

  1. New Studio: Ok, well this opened in July, buuuuuutttt…it’s finally fully painted, has a small entry area and I have pictures displayed. I’m still working on setting up and organizing but the space allows me to offer different backdrops in one session. Even more so, I had an amazing friend build a wall which means I will be building more “room like” set ups for clients.

  2. Online Payments: Yes, I will still take Venmo, well, because it’s simple, but clients will now be receiving automated PayPal invoices which is great for their records, and well, for tax season for me (boooo! Who wants to really talk about that!) Either way, it’s a great new system for record keeping.

  3. E-Contracts: This year all clients will now be given a contract for e-signature. This is a great resource to also make sure everyone is on the same page with expectations on the delivery of goods, it also details events such as reschedules and the delivery of digitals.

  4. Prop Room: Ok, well, I may have a prop hoarding problem. I have upgraded many newborn outfits and props this year. These help keep newborn sessions fresh and personal!

  5. Printing Options: I’m super excited to offer families printing options this year. I have partnered with an amazing printing company which my editing is calibrated to, meaning the images will print with true color. There is nothing better than having your images printed for all to see!

So many new and exciting things coming this year!

Thanks for being a part of it!

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