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Summer End

Each year we have the most amazing opportunity to go down to LBI with my in laws and my husband's family. It's really one of my favorite traditions. I absolutely love LBI--the island has so much to offer and just feels so quaint and special.

Last year, towards the end of our trip, I took our children down to Holgate at sunset to grab some pictures of them. I love photographing Liv and Leo, they really are my muses. And they are getting so big each year that documenting them feels critically important.

I decided to it again this year. We spent the day at the beach, ate a quick dinner with the family and then off we went.

I like to let them explore before I get them into posed shots.

They love searching for shells, and on this evening there were a load of fish as well.

Next, I let Liv explore while I took Leo for some portraits. Wow has he grown this year. He's starting to look like a little man. I well up looking at his maturing face.

Then there's Liv. What can I say, the girl loves the camera. She knows just how to turn it on.

So, though, the end of summer is always a little bitter sweet, I am extremely thankful for the memories made, and those frozen in time.

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