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Smile Big: Nicholas turns ONE

Hello light and airy, and big smiles! Everything about this session had me swooning.

You all know I love a fun, festive backdrop, but my creative heart also loves the light and airy timeless set up. Cue in Nicholas.

Mom reached out about a month before this session to book a Navy session. On our consultation call we discussed the details. Mom loved simple and when she mentioned green, sage and gold, I was ordering balloons before the call even finished!

I then put together a list of links with outfits for mom to consider. She chose the most gorgeous tan romper that was a perfect match.

On the day of the session, dad was the BEST assistant.

He stood behind Nicholas and covered his face with a jacket. Nicholas thought dad was so funny and gave me the most authentic little giggles. His smiles lit up the room.

Then it was cake time!

Oh boy, did Nicholas enjoy this part. He made quite the mess which is really what every photographer wishes for.

Happy birthday sweet Nicholas! Your smiles really made my day!

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