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Pretty in Pink

Let me introduce you to Anastasia. This is one special little lady. Anastasia's mom was my cheerleader back in the day. I coached her all four years of her high school career. Vicky was amazing! Sweet, talented, smart, and a natural leader. I adored her and her very welcoming family. When Vicky reached out asking me to capture her daughter's first birthday I squealed with delight. I jumped even higher for joy when she asked me to come up with something simple and classy. I'm all about these simple set ups where the focus really is on the little one.

I worked out two setups for Anastasia and we arranged for a wardrobe change. Vicky's father baked this simple and elegant cake which Anastasia devoured. She was clean and efficient! What a delight!

Are you liking the more simple set ups?

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