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My Last In-Home Studio Session

Bittersweet will define this session.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been shooting newborn sessions in my small multi use “studio” basement. Our basement served as a play room, gym, movie room, and studio. It’s NOT very big.

I’ve used every nook and corner to store all my photography props. I would build a set early in the morning and then take everything back down before my children asked to use the space.

About 2 months ago, I shot my very last newborn session in my home studio.

It was extremely bittersweet.

My small studio helped me build a side business securing moments for so many families. I documented newborn babies entering families as child 1 or sometimes even child 6!!

I froze moments of little siblings kissing and hugging their new baby siblings.

I’ve had cake thrown at all the walls during fun cakesmashes.

I’ve watched new dads hold their new babies in extreme exhaustion.

All in the tiniest of spaces.

As I move my business into a beautifully, large space, and reflect on all that my small basement gifted me, I have all the feels.

This newborn session helped me revel in the joy of all that has been built and all that lies ahead.

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