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Mama Mia Pizzeria

When dad owns a delicious pizzeria it only makes sense to have a Mama Mia Pizzeria themed cake smash!

I’m not going to lie…I actually jumped with delight when I received this request.

I met mom and dad a year ago when baby Daniel joined their family. They had this awesome request for a nautical style newborn image and I produced one of my top 5 favorite images to date…

So needless to say, when I got this request, I wanted to go big!

Mom requested this backdrop and I immediately purchased it. Psst…I’m super hopeful I can repeat this theme again because it’s that cool (hint hint!).

I went through my childrens’ little kitchen and found some faux food and a Melissa & Doug pizza set to add. Mom brought some of the very special tomato sauce used at the family pizzeria and a few empty pizza boxes and we made this happen.

Daniel came onto the set and got to work!!!

It’s always amazing when the little ones actually LOVE their cake and dive right in.

I mean, how are you not smiling right now!!

Mangia Daniel! Thanks for the great time!

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