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Liv & Luna Tester Session

Last month I was chosen to provide tester images for a major backdrop printing company. The honor was real!!

So what does that mean?

You know those beautiful backdrops you see photographers post that are elaborate and amazingly detailed? Believe it or not many, many of those backdrops are printed images on fleece material. They are so perfectly crafted that when a skilled photographer uses appropriate lighting, that one dimensional backdrop looks 3D!

It’s really quite amazing!

And for a small business owner like me, it’s fantastic because I don’t have the room to store all of those gorgeous props!

Well, last month, I was selected to take “tester shots” of a beautiful floralscape. I reused Liv’s birthday portrait dress and got to work.

The company wanted 5 images that they could use for marketing purposes, so we kept it simple and fun!

With a small home studio, I needed to bring this backdrop into our dining room to ensure I could get the whole thing in the frame! I didn’t want to miss one single detail of this beautiful vignette. I also didn’t add any props to the image. I wanted photographers to see that the backdrop is all you need!

This drop is inspiring me to possibly offer indoor spring minis! We had a blast with this little impromptu session.

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