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I scream, You Scream We all Scream for Ice Cream

Meet the Gallo family!

Here you have the most down to earth, beautifully sweet, and authentically real family.

Lauren and I have known each other for about 20 years. We met as counselors with a Rotary Youth Leadership camp that took place each June way back when!

You see, photography is this gift that keeps me in touch with so many wonderful people from my past. I’ve been able to capture images for events such as Lauren’s maternity, newborn sessions for each of her 3 children, cake smashes and even holiday images. I’ve seen this beautiful family grow and celebrate amazing milestones.

When she sent me the theme of ice cream and popsicles for her daughter’s cake smash I got straight to work. She sent me inspiration images and a picture of the invitation. These resources are great for helping me curate the scene.

We went for simple yet fun here and were able to keep the backdrop subtle enough to scream ice cream, but also timeless enough that they will transcend trendy moments.

Also, let’s talk briefly about how I make these sessions personal. Instead of a cake, we opted for 3 cupcakes here. This is significant because she’s the third daughter. Details like this are beautiful and tell a story. I always try to insert some customized elements into my sessions.

Well, here you go. A happy baby surrounded by all the sweets!

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