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Dean's Milestone Sitter Session

I feel like it wasn't that long ago that Dean and his family came into my studio for his newborn photos. He came in recently to celebrate another wonderful milestone--a sitter session.

Sitter sessions are great. It's that time when little ones are finally sitting unassisted and really get to let their personalities shine. Dean's mother, Alicia, let me take this one over and curate two clean and simple set ups to celebrate this milestone.

Alicia brought the most amazing Valentine's Day suspenders! I mean, look at those! We went for a wood backdrop and added a small day bed for Dean to be comfortable. The second set up was on bone seamless paper. To add some dimension and texture, we added a small sitter bowl with fabric. Dean's outfit for this backdrop is the most adorable hooded romper I own. I've started added outfits to my sessions to really create cohesion in the photos and create appealing color schemes.

Dean clearly loves the camera. Look at that eye contact and his handsome smirk!

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