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A Sisterly Milestone

Confession, I’m a big Shakespeare fan…like really BIG, love me some powerful words by the Bard!

So when I sat to write this post, this line came to mind. It’s from Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Last month, I shot a milestone session for sisters Giuliana and Sienna. I met mom, Melissa, several years ago through her sister, Michelle. I have shot for Melissa several times now. Fun fact, I actually shot her professional photos last year. Look at this stunning mom…

Also quite interesting, I have taken pictures for 4 of the sisters in this family!! Let me tell you, I am not sure I’ve ever met such a group of strong, smart, beautiful, and kind women. I come from a female heavy family, as well, so I always feel so connected to these women. Melissa has 2 girls, Giuliana, age 5 and Sienna, age 9. These girls are just like their mother, absolutely the sweetest little things, and holy gorgeous!

Melissa wanted to document the girls' birthdays with a milestone session. Milestone sessions are sessions that memorialize a moment or occasion. Celebrations such as engagements, maternity, birthdays and religious moments fall into this category.

For this session, Mom wanted a simple, earthy look. Guiliana is now 5 and Sienna is in her last single digit year. The goal was to capture them during these tender ages, meaning we wanted simple drops and a close focus on who Guiliana and Sienna are at this moment. We opted for a clean white curtain backdrop with some natural elements. No frills here! The focus is really on the girls themselves.

Mom outfitted Siena with a beautiful ensemble from Joyfolie. (I absolutely love that site!) The outfit captured all the boho feels; the dress had great flow and the colors felt rich and earthy. Sienna worked the camera and gave me the most authentic smiles. She is a stunning 9 year old girl.

Giuliana was outfitted in a regal light blue gown. There was such an awesome royal flair to it, but can I tell you my favorite part of her outfit??

Her ring!!

I thought it was so sweet how she loved this costume ring. What a great accessory to really commemorate this moment; the innocence and creativity of a young 5 year old. Ugh, please hold while I wipe away tears!

I wanted to make sure we brought this ring to the forefront!

Lastly, we put the sisters together for a few images. You could feel the beautiful bond in the pictures themselves. They truly do epitomize that last line from Shakespeare: two lovely berries molded on one stem.

Ah, the bond of sisterhood. What a beautiful milestone session…

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