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A Photography Shoot Out

I attended my first shoot out since pre-covid and it was glorious!

So you may be wondering, what in the world is a shoot out?

This is a pretty popular trend in the photography world. Typically one photographer hosts the event. They provide the location, set, props and stylized models. Then they invite photographers to come and shoot. The ultimate purpose is to network, learn together, and build one’s portfolio.

Meg Bitton is an amazing, award winning and internationally recognized photographer right here in NJ. Most of my photography education comes directly from her. When she put this offer up for purchase I didn’t even slightly hesitate!

I bought this shoot out back in December, not knowing it would be the same day as my daughter’s communion so you could imagine how hectic of a day it was; but I was itching to go!

The day was dark and dreary and Meg has a brand new studio. The industrial white brick walls contrast these amazing black trimmed windows that I’ve been admiring in her most recent work. To say I was beyond giddy to get the opportunity to shoot at this location would be an understatement.

When I arrived there were 3 models perfectly stylized in beautiful, puffy gowns. We started with photos of the three of them. Meg discussed posing and how to get your subjects to fit together in a frame.

Then the models changed and this amazing swing came out! Ah, I just can’t! It was epic.

The shoot out lasted 2 hours. It was a dark and dreary day, but with the use of natural light and some editing magic, I was able to capture a light and airy feel to these images.

This is why I continue to educate myself. Invest in a photographer that is eager to grow. One who aims to challenge the art work and capture moments to be cherished forever.

Here are a few images and even some of the same images with different edits! Enjoy!

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